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@jk Any engineer who tells you that well-written code is self-documenting has failed to understand the question: code can only tell you _what_ it is doing. It cannot tell you _why_. It cannot answer the fundamental question "what made this design the right choice, as opposed to any other implementation, based on the constraints that existed when we wrote it?" As such, even the best-written code cannot truly "self-document."

Why We Can't Have Nice Things On The Internet: A Visual Essay In One Browser Screenshot: May 14, 2017

@jayjaytlk Auf oder so umziehen? 🤔

@theTJ Oh, sorry. Hatte die letzten Tage/Wochen viel um die Ohren. Vielleicht gibt es da ein Mastodon-Update, ich schaue mal soon-ish™ nach. Erinnere mich sonst gerne morgen noch mal.

With news of selling user inbox info to Uber, lots of people are repeating "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

I've said before, and will continue to say, that that is the wrong formulation. Sometimes you pay for it and you're still the product – look at US ISPs. Sometimes you don't pay for it and you're not the product – free software.

The real question is whether a software or service empowers users, which can't be boiled down to whether you paid.

Rick Sanchez's favorite playlist -

I have to respect the effort.

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Venture Capital for IoT-connected juice bag squeezers $120,000,000
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my tech bubble is bursting

Spam score of 16. I'm almost impressed. 😂 📧

So, interesting notion, probably some of you already know: boosts ("re-toots") can be deleted by clicking on the 🔄 symbol. However, if the boost has crossed the border to another instance, it cannot be deleted from there!
You can only delete boosts from your own instance. They will still appear to your followers who follow you from different instances!

I'm handling so many terminals that I could be an airport

I would like to give some credit and props to all the developers who have worked on building #Mastodon /GS/OS.
Everyone talks about the missing features, but this is a pretty well made, well designed and largely bug-free product, for what I assume has largely been a volunteer effort.
Remember that the competitors have huge staffs of full time devs hired specifically to work on that product, so there's a big difference in resources. #Mastodev

@smarimc Hi! 👋 All the madness and hijinks, obviously!

Hello Fediverse!

We're doing a crazy animation made with libre tools and giving it all away CC/GPL (many are new tools we made for the film). Check out the new Wires for Empathy teaser! You can donate to support the work, and get your name in the credits! We're also looking for sponsors. You can also help us by spreading the word.

Shoutout to Blender, Krita, Gimp, Inkscape and Python

free software <3

Theory: we are unsettled by clowns because some part of us remembers that's what God looks like

Tonight, I made really quick stats on Mastodon instances and where they are located in terms of network.
Top 5 hosting/networks :
- Amazon
- Online
- Cloudflare
- DigitalOcean

Full results here (although not completely accurate):

mastodon as a backing store for an object storage system as a backing store for a key value database as a backing store for a network file system as a backing store for an in-memory block storage device as a backing store for a mastodon instance

@cs I guess. I think it might be more useful to just write a bare-bones "instance" that has no web frontend, but only an API, to make creating simple single-purposes instances easier.

(I promise, this will have been my last toot whining about OStatus and XML files)