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The lamest of all excuses in Mexico City:

"The traffic was worse than expected."

"Read less, more TV!" – Gregory House

@allan *enters 'Inuvik' into Google Maps*


@rixx Einzelbüro ist *so* entspannend.

Netflex does have some gems.

Like this french Sci-Fi movie, "Ares": netflix.com/mx-en/title/801650

Ich fürchte, ich muss jetzt Pandas lernen. #heieiei.. #python #sideproject

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@kobold mmmh. Sounds yummie! :D

The greatest website on the Internets:

Samuel L. Ipsum


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Dear , I need suggestions of good, reliable, and not absurdly expensive dedicated server providers in the United States.

Looking for a Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) box with 16-48GiB RAM, 2×2TiB disk in RAID1.

It's urgent. Help?..

So, how big is the placebo effect of protein powder?

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Watching the pre-show. They've dragged Anthony Hopkins into the new Transformers movie and he's telling the journalist that it has a "very well written" script. Now that's what I call acting.

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Two programmers enter the VI.

No programmers leave.

@thurloat And to think that they are advertising for talent with this. I don't know..

For the first time in, like, forever, I'm looking at job ads and say to myself: "Ok, yeah, I could apply for that job!".

Thanks, Django and Python!

Like this one: pythonjobshq.com/jobs/2214558-

Except for the "play hard, work harder" part. That's stupid.

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@kobold Yesss! That worked. :D

Thank you very much for the tipp! Awesome. :D